As confirmed by those who have been our Clients or are our regulars (you can find their opinions at the subpage: Translations –> Opinions), we care about the Client’s satisfaction – on the level of the quality of translation, communication, service duration and – what tends to be essential – price.

The terms of service are transparent – as shown below – and established with the Client in advance.

Written translations

  • ordinary translations – 1 calculation page covers 1800 typographic characters
  • specialist translation – 1 calculation page covers 1400-1600 typographic characters
  • sworn translations – 1 calculation (statutory) page covers 1125 typographic characters
  • translation of forms – agreed on with the Client


  • interpreting in notarial offices, law courts, conclusion of contracts, etc.
  • interpreting at celebrations, examinations (e.g. driving tests), etc.
  • interpreting at conferences, trainings, other events
  • settlement per hour

Competitive prices

  • statutory rates
  • no extra charge for quick services
  • discounts for regular Clients
  • attractive rates for specialist translations

Favourable dates

  • date and time of collection adjusted to the Client’s needs
  • services carried out also at weekends
  • the office open practically non-stop
  • option of ordering service online (in the case of sworn translations the original is presented e.g. when the translation is collected)